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Laying Sod

These steps will help you through the process of laying your sod. If you would like you can print this page out.

  1. When your sod is delivered make sure that you get the pallets placed close to where you are going to lay your sod. This will make it easier if you do not have to walk a lot caring heavy sod. Remember our forklift needs 8 feet of clearance from side to side.
  2. It is best to start laying on an outer edge, most likely in a corner. This will help the edges from drying out, because they will have a nice solid strip of sod along them.
  3. Now you will start laying sod out from the edge. Make sure you butt edges together tightly.
  4. When starting on you next pass make sure that you stager your sod, like laying bricks.
  5. If you have a curved edge you can use a sharp knife to trim the sod.
  6. If you have any spots that look low just put some soil under them and level it out.
  7. Make sure as you go that you cut out holes for your sprinklers, if you have them.
  8. Make sure you do not let the sod sit for more then 30 minutes without giving it a drink.
  9. Once you have finished laying all your sod give it a small drink and then roll it will a sod roller a couple times. This will flatten everything out and will help get good root soil contact.
  10. Water your yard thoroughly after installation, and be sure that the water has soaked through the sod and saturated the ground underneath.

Now that your sod is installed and you have a nice looking yard, make sure you water it regularly until it is rooted in. With proper irrigation and fertizlier it will look nice for years to come.