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Kentucky Blue Grass

Kentucky Blue Grass is a very nice dark green grass. With soft, flat blades that are about one half inch think. If watered regularly and fertilized on occasion it will stay green from spring to fall. It will go dormant in the winter time. This grass needs to be mowed about once a week. Our Kentucky Blue Grass is mixed with rye in order to make it a tougher grass. Since this grass has softer blades it makes it very nice to put in a yard.

Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce is a evergreen tree with a blue-green color. It is a dense pyramidal tree with stiff branches. The needles are about three quarters to one and one quarters of an inch long.

We have spruce trees from 6ft and up.

If you would like to place an order please contact Robert McKellip.

All of our grass is cut fresh daily and if you would like we even deliver.